7 Ways to Improve Male Fertility

Healthy Habits to Help Guys Trying to Conceive

Infertility, is usually seen as a female issue, and faults their reproductive health for failure to get pregnant. However, according to wikipedia, up to 50% off infertility in couples comes from the male.

Changing your habits to a healthier lifestyle and making some adjustments may help improve fertility in males. Here is a list of 7 things men can do to boost fertility:

  1. Eat Healthy Fats
  2. Quit Smoking 
  3. Stop Eating Junk Food
  4. Moderate Exercise 
  5. Get Enough Sleep 
  6. Don’t Drive Alcohol Excessively 
  7. Eat Figs


Fibroids and infertility with Reproductive and Infertility Specialist Dr. Tiffany Jones.

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