Which Snack Bars are Good For Your Fertility Diet

Energy bars, granola bars, breakfast bars – they’re convenient in a pinch and satisfy hunger quickly, giving us the feeling that we made a smart and healthy food choice. 

But are these bars as healthy as they seem? Is there such a thing as a fertility-boosting snack bar

And which ones offer the best nutrition when battling infertility?

We’re here to help you understand more about the fertility-boosting benefits of snack bars and which ones you should, and shouldn’t add to your fertility diet.

How to Choose the Best Fertility Boosting Granola Bar

The best diet for fertility is the eating style of the Mediterranean diet. 

This diet focuses on eliminating white flour, refined sugar, processed foods and unhealthy fats while embracing whole foods (learn more here). 

The Mediterranean diet includes a wide array of delicious, natural, whole-food ingredients that are fantastic in fertility snack bars. 

Rolled oats, barley and rye, raw, unsalted nuts and seeds, as well as nuts, nut butters and dried fruits can all be included in the bars and offer great nutritional benefits. 

When looking for fertility-friendly snack bars in the store, you’ll notice that these bars are located in a few different places – sometimes you’ll find them in the health food section, sometimes in the cereal aisle, and sometimes at the checkout counter. 

They’re scattered around the store and carry different banners – energy, granola, cereal, snack – and they could be filled with healthy ingredients, or they could be nutritionally closer to candy bars. 

The key is to always read the label carefully. Some bars may seem like a healthy choice at first, but they’re usually loaded with refined sugar, unhealthy trans fats, artificial ingredients and preservatives. 

While there may be a few oats or peanuts in the bar, the scant nutritional benefits are overshadowed by unhealthy ingredients, which work against the body and your fertility. 

Even innocent-sounding “health” bars often contain refined sugar, palm oil, processed chocolate and other unhealthy ingredients. Ingredients such as these can make weight management for fertility health that much more difficult. 

These are just some of the foods to avoid during fertility treatments. When you see these ingredients, take a hard pass and keep looking.

Do Fertility-Friendly Snack Bars Exist?

Yes, they do! An example of a healthy, nutritious and fertility-boosting whole foods bar that contains only good ingredients would be RX. 

They’re made with just a few simple ingredients in their natural state. There is nothing artificial, refined or unhealthy. 

Use this as a benchmark when looking at other ingredient lists, and try the bars that meet this standard. 

Other snack bars that are good for your fertility do exist, you just need to hunt them down and check their ingredients carefully.

Making Your Own Fertility Snack Bars

A fun and often less expensive option for fertility-boosting snack bars is to gather a few ingredients and make your own. 

This also gives you the opportunity to play around with ingredients and create something epic just for you, using the ingredients you love the most. 

In the morning, when adding tasting things to your fertility-friendly breakfast menu, fertility breakfast bars can be a great on-the-go option! 

You can make a crunchy “granola” type of fertility snack bar with oats, sesame seeds and walnuts as the main stars, or you can make a creamy, soft, marzipan-like bar using almond flour and dates with a touch of natural almond extract. 

You can use recipes that are more cake-like, packed with protein and fruit. The common theme with all of your fertility-friendly bars will be healthy, whole-food goodness for on-the-go easy nutrition.

Ingredients can be found in the grocery store or the bulk aisle of the health food store. Seeds such as chia or fertility-boosting pumpkin seeds, nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews, peanuts), coconut (unprocessed and unsweetened), and natural dried fruits like mango, raisins, and goji berries are nutritious additions.

Honey is a fertility-friendly sweetener that can be added as a replacement for sugar. Dates, pitted and dried, are also a fantastic substitute for refined white sugar, offering fiber, potassium and antioxidants along with their natural sweetness. 

They can be finely chopped, or they can be pureed in a blender with a small amount of warm water, turning into a lovely “date cream” which can then be added to your recipes. 

We Can Help Get You Started

If you’re looking to start adding fertility-friendly snack bars to your diet, or are interested in making your own, Fertility Finders has your back! 

We can connect you to fantastic Fertility Nutrition Counselors who are experts in all things related to the optimal fertility-boosting diet.

We also have endless fertility-boosting nutrition tips to get you started. We’ll help guide you toward the right ingredients, recipes, and brands to buy as you craft your perfect fertility-friendly menu. Learn more by clicking here, or calling (833) 507-1213 to connect to a personal fertility advisor and begin your fertility food journey today!