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Welcome to Incinta Fertility, a truly unique luxury fertility clinic that is both modern and opulent. A similar feeling to walking into a five star hotel lobby is how you feel the minute you walk in the door. From the bright beautiful light fixtures, calming atmosphere to the welcoming staff. Incinta fertility clinic, in Torrance, CA, makes you feel right at ease from the moment you check in and get your temperature taken. 

The space is so beautifully designed no detail was left unnoticed. The state of the art lab is like nothing you have seen before. The laboratory is fully equipped with some of the most advanced research technology. The patient rooms are very spacious and private. They even have a majestic night sky with stars on top of the ceiling as you get your ultrasound taken. Not to mention you can even hook your device in and play music! 

The entire facility is STATE OF THE ART and designed to make you feel comfortable and stress free. The building let alone is so impressive and very luxurious. All of the art work is breathtaking and thoughtfully done and even has art installations of the female reproductive system. The attention to detail to each and every room has created an environment where you can call home. 

The entire Incinta Team was amazing.  The ladies in the front were so friendly and helpful to Dr. Macer personally welcomed me after checking in. They genuinely cared to get to know me and show me the center. I love how they welcome ALL communities including LGBTQ+. Incinta offers a different approach to fertility, one that combines lifestyle with the most advanced science. 


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