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Is Dairy Bad for Fertility?

When it Comes To Dairy and Infertility: High-Fat is the Way to Go!

In a society that villafies high-fat foods, it is surprising to hear the verdict when it comes to dairy and fertility. You would think since having a healthy weight is important for fertility, eating low-fat dairy products would help. WRONG, says a US study that found that consuming low fat dairy daily can affect ovulation and women’s reproductive health. In fact the study also found that when consuming high fat dairy foods that fertility improved. 

Infertility and Dairy Study 

From 1991 to 1999 researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School followed 18,555 women who were premenopausal, married and between the ages of 24 and 42, with no signs of infertility. 

Low Fat Dairy

The women who participated in the study had their diet assessed for 8 years on the type of dairy and how much of it they consumed. The regularity of their menstrual cycle was also observed, whether they were trying to get pregnant, and if they had ovulation failure. 

The study reported that 483 women had ovulatory disorders.

What came out of the research was that women who eat two portions or more of low fat dairy products were 85% more likely to suffer from infertility because of ovulatory disorders compared to women who only ate low fat dairy less than once a week. 

High Fat Dairy

Ironacily the research showed that women who ate high fat dairy products, like whole milk and ice cream, more than once a day reduced the risk of infertility by 25% due to ovulatory disorders compared to the women who ate full-fat dairy products once a week. 

The study on dairy and infertility concluded that consuming a lot of low fat dairy products may cause an ovulatory infertility then on the other hand consuming high fat dairy products may decrease risk. 

The Verdict Dairy Good or Bad for Fertility?

When it comes to dairy products and fertility it is clear that consuming dairy products with high fat, like cream and butter, may decrease infertility. Whereas consuming popular low fat dairy products, like skim milk and low fat yogurt, may increase infertility. 

However, when consuming high fat dairy products, always keep in mind to watch your caloric intake. You still want to maintain a healthy weight and diet to aid your fertility. 



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