Is Your Daily Starbucks Habit Affecting Your Fertility?

Maintaining a healthy fertility diet can be challenging, especially when you love your daily Starbucks. 

Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world, and we tend to ritualize this special time of day with our favorite version of coffee, whether that means vanilla flavoring, whipped cream or just a straight shot of espresso. 

But could your daily Starbucks be interfering with your infertility and dreams of starting a family? 

To answer this question, we need to look at the effects of caffeine on fertility, and then look at how the other ingredients in these beverages either help or hinder fertility.

Being aware of your caffeine intake is an important part of your fertility health. According to the Mayo Clinic and other sources, a moderate amount of caffeine – below 200 milligrams –  doesn’t seem to affect male or female fertility. 

But consuming over 200 mg of caffeine has been shown in some studies to increase risk of miscarriage or low birth weight.

Caffeine in Coffee and Tea

You may be surprised to find that you reach your 200 mg limit for caffeine fairly quickly. 

An 8 oz cup of coffee contains about 140 mg of caffeine, while black tea contains 75mg, and green tea has slightly less at 50mg.

Other Ingredients in Your Starbucks Coffee

More detrimental to your overall fertility, health and well-being are the other ingredients in your daily Starbucks. 

The base of these coffees is espresso, which has no harmful effects on fertility, and milk, which actually has fertility benefits

But, the flavored syrups, whipped cream and toppings that are loaded with sugar, preservatives, palm fat and other unhealthy ingredients prove worrisome for infertility health concerns. 

Take a look at the ingredient lists for a couple of Starbucks favorites.

Toffee Nut Latte (with real Hazelnut topping)

Milk, brewed espresso, toffee nut flavor syrup (water, sugar, flavorings, salt, natural flavoring, potassium sorbate (preservative), acidity regulators, citric acid, potassium citrate), whipped cream (cream, milk, sugar, propellants, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, E471 emulsifier, flavoring, carrageenan), hazelnut crunch topping (sugar, hazelnuts, lactose, caramelized sugar, non-hydrogenated palm fat, glucose syrup).

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Milk, brewed espresso, pumpkin spice sauce (sugared evaporated skimmed milk, saccharose, sugar, water, pumpkin juice from concentrate, salt, natural flavoring, potassium sorbate, paprika extract, carotenes, citric acid), whipped cream (cream, milk, sugar, propellants, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, E471 emulsifier, flavoring, carrageenan), pumpkin spice topping (ground cinnamon, ground ginger, ground nutmeg, ground clove)

Is Healthy Starbucks Possible?

It’s possible to enjoy Starbucks and maintain your fertility health. Try simplifying your order to just fresh coffee and milk – even whole milk or 2% is okay, as well as nut and oat milks. 

Skip the sweetener altogether if you can. Starbucks Caffe Latte (iced or hot) and their Flat White are good choices, containing only milk and brewed espresso. 

These alternative choices can also help with fertility weight management.
You can check the basic nutritionals of your favorite Starbucks coffee here. Note the calories, the amount of sugar and saturated fat, and always check the ingredient list to see if there are any that should be skipped.

Brew Your Own

Another option is to brew your own at home and save your $5 a day. Choose an organic whole bean blend and grind your beans fresh each day. 

If you’ve grown accustomed to that signature Starbucks flavor, you can pick up a pound at your local grocer, or stop in the cafe. 

You can also get a frothing wand online for under $10. Put on a little ambient music, break out the cinnamon and close your eyes, and you’ll swear you’re at Starbucks. 
Here’s a good guide to making coffee at home.

We Can Help Guide You

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