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Making that big decision to use surrogacy as a route to building a family can be an exciting, but often complicated process.
For couples struggling with infertility or other medical conditions, couples in same sex male relationships, or transgender individuals who cannot carry a child themselves, surrogacy is a solution many people choose as the right option for their fertility journey.
Choosing a surrogate, known as a gestational carrier , can be done personally by a couple, or through a surrogacy agency.
Gestational Carrier
If a couple personally chooses someone they know to be their gestational carrier, they must work with their fertility doctor to set up proper health screenings, extensive mental health counseling and support, and find an impartial lawyer to write up thorough legal contracts ensuring any and all parental rights the gestational carrier might claim are surrendered.
Each step is critical when determining if a gestational carrier is the right fit for a couple. Due to the very personal nature of pregnancy, not all gestational carriers are able to accurately predict how they might feel once they give birth and part with the baby.
If a couple is using a known gestational carrier, not only could this cause complications regarding parental rights, but can also put a major strain on the relationship they have with their gestational carrier as well as the gestational carriers mental health.
This is why psychological screening and therapy as well as in depth legal contracts are one of the most important parts of the surrogacy process.
If using a known gestational carrier , a couple will usually have to arrange all of these appointments and services themselves. Thankfully, Fertility Finders helps connect future parents to the right resources and is available to help guide them through this part of their infertility journey.
A couple may instead choose to use an anonymous gestational carrier through a surrogacy agency. This can be beneficial as an agency will have already pre-screened all their gestational carriers, and taken care of any and all legal paperwork signing over parental rights.
Gestational carriers that go through surrogacy agencies will have completed psychological counseling, and may have even successfully been a gestational carrier previously for another couple.
Couples will still be able to choose who their gestational carrier will be, often being able to decide how much contact they would like with her through the pregnancy.
Couples also have two options when deciding who’s DNA their baby will share. They can either use their own eggs and sperm, use a donor egg and/or donor sperm, or use the gestational carriers egg. Whichever path a couple decides is right for them their choice requires that the egg and sperm being used come from two individuals who are not related by blood.
Here at Fertility Finders we know that surrogacy can seem like an overwhelming process. That’s why we are here to take you through each hurdle at your own pace, connect you to any clinics, resources, information, and surrogacy agencies you need, and support your fertility journey every step of the way.

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