Top Reasons for Having a Miscarriage

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Three Prevalent Causes of Miscarriages

When trying to conceive (TTC), miscarriages are a scary risk that potential parent’s do not think about until it happens. This leads to TTC couples and individuals feeling that their attempt at getting pregnant is completely out of their control. At times miscarriages can be completely random, there are three common causes that may explain why a miscarriage can happen, knowing this may help a potential parent prepare for the risks, and understand the reasons for it happening. 

  • Sperm or Egg Chromosomes 

Out of all the reasons a miscarriagemay occur, the most prevelant cause is, when there is an issue with a sperm or female egg chromosome structure during the formation of an embryo. Sometimes there are chromosomal abnormalities that are too extreme to be compatible with the creation of a healthy lifestyle.

There are some abnormalities that do allow for the growth of a baby child, there are many that are not, and when this happens the development of an embryo simply stops taking place. If this did not happen, not only would it cause many risks for the mother carrying the embryo, but the embryo would not be viable, and the body’s miscarriage, as a result, is a way of protecting her.

This typeof miscarriages happens frequently to women that are above the age of thirty-five and up. Women are born with all the eggs they will ever have and release in their life span, and as they age their eggs age with them, start disappearing from birth, creating a higher likelihood for abnormalities or defects. 

  • Bad Habits: Alcohol, Drugs, and Smoking

A miscarriage may also be caused by poor lifestyle habits. Drinking, using street drugs while pregnant, and smoking cigarettes or vaping, have all been linked to miscarriages and even loss of a pregnancy. 

Women do not realize they are pregnant until a few weeks after they have missed their regular period, and up until then, they go about their business as usual. Almost half of all pregnancies are not planned, which means that most women do not realize their current bad choices could be affecting their growing baby. 

When a woman realizes they are pregnant, an embryo’s spinal cord and heart have already begun to form. These critical fundamentals for an embryo’s growth are sensitive to the effects of smoking,drugs, and alcohol, and the effects may often lead to the causes of an unviable embryo and may result in a miscarriage. 

If you are trying to conceive, it may be helpful to be conscious of bad habits and poor choices. Start by cutting out drinking alcohol, smoking or vaping, and drug use, as well as trying to lead a healthier life by maintaining a well-balanced fertility diet,working out, meditation for mental health, and take prenatal vitamins. has amazing Fertility Guides that can guide you to the best practices for pre-pregnancy habits and lifestyle changes for a healthy pregnancy. 

  • Diabetes (Sugar Overload)

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you usually have a higher chance of a miscarriage. It has been known that during the first trimester, uncontrolled insulin diabetes may be linked to both an increase in defects, genetic disease and higher rates of miscarriages. 

Speaking with your doctor and creating a course of action before becoming pregnant will help decrease your chances of having a miscarriage due to diabetes or any chronic condition one may have. Can Help?  

If you are concerned about these issues, there is no need to fret! works with fertility specialists that work with patients who have chronic medical conditions and disorders, and can get you the specialized and personalized care you need to ensure a healthy, happy pregnancy in your near future. 

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