IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)

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What is IUI?

There are tons of infertility treatments out there. From the most advanced scientific techniques to homeopathic remedies, fertility diets and fertility detoxes. It seems almost dizzying how many different solutions there are to get pregnant fast.

IUI Overview

However, whether you’re battling infertility, are a single woman, or are in a lesbian partnership, one of the first, cheapest, and easiest ways to get pregnant that fertility specialist doctors reccomend is IUI.
IUI or Intrauterine Insemenation is a quick and relatively pain free procedure that gives the natural process of making a baby a little extra boost. It’s the least invasive method and if no major medical conditions are preventing pregnancy, usually has a high success rate.
A couple or individual could seek IUI for a variety of different reasons. For lesbian couples or single women who need a sperm donor it is the perfect solution to beginning their journey of parenthood.

IUI Procedure

Often, your doctor will prescribe oral fertility pills to help increase ovulation and give you the highest chance of getting pregnant. When it comes time for the procedure to take place, the sperm that is being used (whether it is a partners or donor sperm) is collected, washed, and sorted. Your fertility doctor will screen it to ensure only the healthiest and most mobile sperm are used, ensuring that the quantity and quality is the very best it can be to increase the likelihood of success.
Once the sperm have been collected and cleaned, your doctor will place a small catheter into the uterus. This little tube can be inserted and removed without anesthesia, and usually there is minimal discomfort. The sperm is inserted directly into the uterus through this catheter, ensuring it is as close to the egg as possible. With less distance to travel and only the healthiest sperm present, in addition to the procedure being done at peak ovulation, the chances of fertilization are very high.
IUI begins with an appointment with your fertility specialist. They will work with you and the procedure will be scheduled for the point of peak ovulation. This increases the chance of success as the body is most likely to get pregnant during this time, especially with medicine on your side helping to push nature along.
The process of an IUI procedure is very quick, usually only taking a few short minutes before it is complete and you are ready to go about your day. It is done in a normal exam room, and after a brief rest you are usually able to leave and return to normal activity. There may be some cramping and slight discomfort during and after the procedure, but usually it passes quickly unless you have a medical condition or history of chronic pain. IUI is by far the first recommended treatment for infertile couples, or single women and lesbian couples due to its low cost and minimal invasiveness. With the cost of infertility often becoming very high with other procedures, doctors try their best to help you get pregnant with IUI before having to seek out other methods.
If you’re curious about IUI, which fertility clinics near you might perform this procedure, or anything else, here at Fertility Finders we are here to help. We work directly with fertility specialists around the country to help you find the best fertility doctor and treatment plan for your needs. You can always contact us with any questions, concerns, or advice you might need. Our amazing and friendly staff is always ready to help you on your way to starting your family and this exciting new chapter in your life!